Red apple exchange platform currency Apple coin burning mining mode was launched on July 10

Jul 12, 2020

Apple coin, the platform currency of the red apple exchange, has been held by a large number of users since it was launched online, with a total amount of 1 billion, and the initial issue of 10 million pieces has been completed in the remaining 9.9 billion 10 years. According to the official news of the exchange, apple, the platform currency, has started the burning mining mode on July 10, implementing the winning mechanism of mine pool publicity, which benefits both winners and losers. It is an innovative scheme!

Red apple exchange website:
Red apple exchange app download link:
Download link of burning mining app:
For details, please contact the official customer service:
Official wechat customer service 1: qybb-co
Official wechat customer service 2: qybb -- 2
Official wechat customer service 3: qybb-1
Official wechat customer service 4: qybb-4


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