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First time to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and not sure where to go or do. Don’t worry, KL Explore is the right website for you as our team are well versed with Kuala Lumpur. We have created a website to help tourists and even locals to find the best places around the city. Malaysia is a multicultural country with plenty of diverse food and drinks. Alone in the Food and Drink categories you can find delicious local delights to cuisine food and expensive wines to local restaurant or street food. You should never go hungry in Malaysia. The next category is shopping. Kuala Lumpur is filled with cultural arts and antiques but there are fabulous shopping malls too. We obviously will cover accommodations and mode of transportation. With the help of LRT train, you are able to travel to several cities. This website will receive continuous updates and hope to cover more than just Kuala Lumpur city alone.

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